networks for nothing


This is the personal laboratory of a mad scientist/network engineer.

I’m not quite sure why you are here, yet there you are. Have some cookies.

What is all this for you may ask your self? Well this is an on premises (mostly) cloud research and development environment. I run long lived production workloads, short lived research environments and everything in-between, this place lets me do fun things in the pursuit of knowledge.

Most production workloads are in support of various projects I find worthy, some are my own, some are donated to projects in need.

If you are one of my users you’ll find all the details, stats, dashboards and everything else you need here. If you are not one of my users and you have a FOSS project in need of some cloud lab space feel free to reach out to me.

source for this site: https://github.com/nayrnet/nayrdotnet